Our Story

Jaya Active Wear started in beautiful Maui where our creator Nancy believed that every person near and far needed to be able to enjoy the love of premium athletic wear all while unleashing their inner beauty and unique personality. Nancy wanted to share with everyone her background roots of Brazil and their zest for life and fitness. She did this through her clothing line Jaya! She sourced out the best quality textiles and the most talented seamstress and she started her vision.

Eight years ago while visiting Maui I met a lady in the local coffee shop who was wearing the most beautiful pants and that is how I met Nanci!  The prints and options were unbelievable. It was hard to only buy one! 

Since I live an active lifestye I am always looking for a fun new way to express myself in the gym or yoga studio. I was even more impressed when these pants proved to not only be beautiful and unique but performed even better in terms of quality! Since our first meeting I have worn the same pair of pants for 8 years at least two times a week to hot yoga, the gym or a local zumba class. That same pair of pants still sits in my drawer ready to go! For the past 8 years I have had a dream to share these pants in my hometown of Vancouver. Just this year this became a reality for me. I love my product and I am confident you will too!! Much love, jen xox.