Why Jaya?

So what can we give you that others don't? For us at Jaya Active Wear we feel its a lot; and that's what we are out to prove! When we designed this product we wanted to give people something they could count on, something that made them look and feel fabulous while at the same time allowing them to be unique. Our pants are made to last for years to come, they wont fade (even after washing 5 times a week!), they are non-pilling and they won't loose their stretch or shape (amen!). Not only are our pants built to last but they are unique, comfortable and breathable (hot yoga aint got nothing on us!). Our product is 100% hand made in Brazil and our high quality fabric is hand picked every season by us personally. Each season we choose at least 35 different prints and then create magic. Not ONE piece is alike. They may be cut from the same fabric but each piece is cut in its own unique way....much like you and I.

We have tried, tested and proved that they can hold their ground through the most brutal workouts to the most relaxing ones. From Yoga to Cross fit; morning strolls to lazy Sundays, you can bet we got you covered (literally)! Our goal is to make you feel fabulous no matter what your doing! Feel the victory.

Jaya - "  Victory"