It all started 8 years ago while I was visiting Maui – I asked a lady in a local coffee shop where she got the stunning pants she was wearing, and that’s how I was introduced to Nancy. Nancy is originally from Brazil and now lives in Maui – although, she spends a lot of time in Brazil throughout the year. She created JAYA because she wanted to share the vibrant patterns and quality textiles that are inherent to her home country.

Nancy’s vision from the beginning was always to include values that were important to her and her family within the entire brand and process. JAYA strives to activate inner beauty and create unity and acceptance between all people regardless of their shape, colour, or race. The opportunity to be the best version of yourself is a core value that JAYA was built on. The word “JAYA” means victory, and it is also the name of Nancy’s daughter – a beautiful young girl who was born with Down Syndrome. Nancy says the colours and patterns in the pants represent all of the happiness and joy that Down Syndrome children bring to one’s life – they are truly a blessing.

I bought my first pair of Jaya pants from Nancy 8 years ago (a pair that I still wear to this day) and since then it has been my dream to bring these pants to my hometown, Vancouver B.C. The dream became a reality this year and I could not be more excited to share the beauty of these unique pants, spread Nancy’s vision, and educate everyone on their superior quality.

Jen xx